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Now let's learn how to use File Manager in Direct Admin, to manage the files in our hosting account

1) Click the File Manager link or Files icon 

This is File Manager, and it's here that you can upload files to your account, rename them, delete them, change their permissions, create new folders, and many other functions. Your website files are located in the public_html folder

2) Let's go there now..... click public_html 


3) Now we see the files and folders located within the public_html folder. Let's create a new folder..... scroll down...




4) Enter the name of the new folder here

5) Then click Create

The new folder has been created, and can be seen here

6) Now let's rename this folder.... click Rename here

7) Enter the new name of this folder

8) Then click Rename

The folder has been renamed

9) Now let's delete the folder altogether... check this box


10) Then click Delete

11) Click OK to confirm you wish to delete the folder

Now let's learn how to upload files to the hosting account

12) We want to upload a file to the cgi-bin folder, so click cgi-bin here



13) Scoll to the bottom and click Upload files to current directory


14) Now use the browse button to locate a file for uploading, on your computer


15) Select form.cgi and click open

17) Once you've selected all files you want to upload, click Upload Files

Success! The file has been uploaded to our hosting account 

18) Click here to go back

19) Now let's change the permissions of the test_scriptl.cgi file..... click here to select the file


20) Enter the new permissions here

21) Then click Set Permission


The permissions have been changed, as you can see here


22) Now let's delete this file... select it again by checking here

23) Then click Delete

24) Confirm the deletion by clicking OK

The file has been deleted

This is the end of the tutorial. You should now be more familiar with using File Manager to upload files, create new folders, renaming files or folders, and setting file permissions

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